Nice compliment

One of the fic­tion pieces I’m work­ing on is a mod­ern urban fan­ta­sy mur­der mystery. A cowork­er recent­ly asked to read some of my work so I let her read the pro­logue to that sto­ry.

She just came to my desk beg­ging for more of the story. If only I had more than the pro­logue and the first chap­ter ready for pub­lic con­sump­tion.

I’m putting that pro­logue on here for any­one who might want to read it.

3 Replies to “Nice compliment”

  1. Woot! New fic­tion from you!

    Hey — did you ever fin­ish the one I have the first few chap­ters of? I want more!

  2. I fin­ished that one and am now doing a com­plete over­haul of it. It’ll be bet­ter than before — I promise.

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