Nice compliment

One of the fic­tion pieces I’m work­ing on is a mod­ern urban fan­ta­sy mur­der mystery. A cowork­er recent­ly asked to read some of my work so I let her read the pro­logue to that sto­ry.

She just came to my desk beg­ging for more of the story. If only I had more than the pro­logue and the first chap­ter ready for pub­lic con­sump­tion.

I’m putting that pro­logue on here for any­one who might want to read it.

Why is it…?

Why is it that the only per­son who doesn’t real­ize that X is an idiot is X him­self?

Yes, I have some­one very spe­cif­ic (a cowork­er) in mind when I ask that ques­tion.


As I sit here in my office at sev­en o’clock in the morn­ing, wait­ing for a report to com­pile, I real­ize that I have been here for two hours already. I won­der what in the world would prompt me to get out of bed at gods­for­sak­en o’clock in the morn­ing and come to work so ear­ly.

Then I remember…it’s called over­time pay!Â