Why am I here?

What is my pur­pose?

No, these are not the impon­der­able ques­tions of life (not this time, at any rate). These are the ques­tions I’m ask­ing myself about my job today. We have no inter­nal com­put­er sys­tem and can­not actu­al­ly do any work. So we’re sit­ting here and tak­ing phone calls in which we tell peo­ple that our sys­tem is unavail­able and we can­not help them at the moment.

And, even though we knew today was going to be like this, we were still told that we couldn’t take vaca­tion days, because we all had to be here as our com­pa­ny merged with anoth­er one and then spun off into a new cor­po­ra­tion.


One hour, fifty min­utes to go.

One hour, forty-nine min­utes to go.

Not that I’m count­ing or any­thing……