People get to me sometimes!

I had an interesting little experience yesterday that has made me think about some things.

My supervisor is on vacation this week, but yesterday he sent the department an email telling us a couple of things he needed us to know. Then, as a P.S. to his message, he added that his son had been baptized into their church on Sunday. I wrote him an email congratulating him on that.

One of my coworkers saw the email I was sending and asked me “How can you congratulate him? You’re a Pagan, you don’t approve of that sort of thing!” I tried to explain that the congratulations have nothing to do with my beliefs, but with those of the person I’m congratulating. He couldn’t understand it.

Suddenly I’m inundated by people in the department wanting to know why I am doing something that they see as demeaning to Christianity. (Yes, the one who saw the message decided to talk to everyone about it.) I don’t understand the reasoning, but several people insisted that my “congratulations” was nothing but sarcasm and I was intending an insult to the practice and the specific event by saying that.

No, I was intending to congratulate my supervisor and his family on the event. You see…I actually like my supervisor and I know something like this means a lot to him and I was happy for him and his family that something so important to them had happened.

I may be the office Pagan – yes, I am now the only open Pagan in this entire company! – but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any respect for other people’s religion. In fact, seeing how many people react to the beliefs of others, I think I probably have more respect for the beliefs of others than pretty much anyone else in the place!

Posted on August 1st 2006 by James

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  1. Cynthia Armistead responded on 01 Aug 2006 at 7:59 pm #

    I do find that we’re generally more respecting of all beliefs than Christians are, probably because of the experience of being in the minority.

    I fear this person is just looking to cause trouble, though.

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