Testing today

The time is 7:27am.  In an hour I will leave my home to go to the Radi­ol­o­gy clin­ic to begin the tests for today. 

At 10:00 (rough­ly, after all the paper­work is done) I will be giv­en an injec­tion of a radioac­tive iso­tope of cal­ci­um.

I then spend two hours wait­ing.  I’m tak­ing a good book!

At noon I have an MRI.  This is the part I’m dread­ing. 

When­ev­er the MRI is done — no exact time-span has been giv­en — I will be tak­en to anoth­er room to have a bone-scan done.  This is the rea­son for the radioac­tive injec­tion ear­li­er. 

That’s pret­ty much my entire day.

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