I still exist

I really need to work on keeping this blog more current! I’m going to try. No promises other than that I’ll do what I can. (Not that many people read this thing, so most of this is directed toward myself.)

Lots has been happening lately, most of it insane. <g> My job continues to be far too much stress and responsibility for far too little money. My work on ADF’s Clergy Training Program is going much slower than I would like…but still faster than what other people are doing. I guess I continue to expect too much of myself.

In a couple of weeks I will be flying to California to visit my friend Karl. We haven’t seen one another in several years, although we talk three or four times a week. (Being on the same cellular network has its advantages!)

Okay…just got some bad news, not sure how to react to it. I’ll post more later.

Posted on April 4th 2008 by James

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