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Study, scholarship…and religion

Throughout my school career, I always loved to read books and dig through them for information. Posing a question and looking through every source I could find was a powerful passion of mine and I enjoyed in ways that are hard to explain.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped doing that. I don’t know why. I would still read for pleasure and to study, but that sort of research seemed to become less important.

Now I’m back to it. Thanks to my work on the ADF Clergy Training Program I’m rediscovering my love of research and in-depth study. I’m working my way through a book called HEAVEN, HEROES, AND HAPPINESS which deals with common traits between Indo-European cultures as pertaining to social structure, government, mythology, religion, trade with other nations, craftwork, language, and burial customs. (There are other matters involved, but those are some of the most crucial.)

The current question facing me in the Study Program is the definition of what makes/made a culture Indo-European and how those factors shaped the way the people of that culture view themselves and the world.

It is so good to return to this passion. And even better to learn that it is even stronger than it used to be.Â

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Hiatus over, I hope.

I’m finally getting a chance to post again. The last few days have been absolutely insane. Work has been killing me, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, I have reason to believe that said light is actually an oncoming train.

My Grove held our Summer Solstice ritual on Saturday, 24 June 2006. It was quite good. This was the largest group we’ve ever had in attendance, mostly because David and Chad decided to invite everyone they’ve ever met. The ritual was very good, even if we did get a few sprinkles of rain during it. The only difficult part was that we had to say good-bye to Heather, as this was her last ritual with us. She and her partner have found jobs in their chosen fields, but unfortunately those jobs are in a different state. She was one of the founding members and has been my Chief Liturgist since we became a Grove rather than a ProtoGrove and I became Senior Druid. (That’s still a frightening and sobering thought!)

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Today is Summer Solstice. I will be doing my own observance at home after work and celebrating with the Grove on Saturday.

So…brightest of blessings to any who celebrate this day.

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20 June 2006

Sunday I was doing some housework — been far too long, my apartment was a mess — and I opened the utility closet to get the vacuum. I was immediately mugged and assaulted by a horrid stench. Then I saw dark mildew climbing the walls of the closet. I noticed that the carpet was very much the wrong color, as well.

I reached down and touched the carpet, to find it was soaking wet. So very, very not good.

Maintenance came out almost immediately and looked at it. (They’re good about that and will come to an emergency even on the weekend.) The pipes from my dishwasher have burst and have been flowing into the closet.

Yesterday they found that it was not the pipes, it was the dishwasher itself. The leak was in the body of the machine. The decision was made to get me a new dishwasher.

Today I came home, expecting that the new dishwasher would be installed. Well, it was in the apartment, at least. It’s sitting in a very large box in the middle of my living room. Yeah…that’s right. There is a crated dishwasher sitting in my living room. If there was no time to install it today, I can understand that, but putting it in the living room was a bit unexpected.Â

So…there is little in the way of dishwashing tonight. Which limits the amount of cooking I’m doing at dinnertime (which should be any minute ago, actually). Yes, I could wash dishes by hand — I do have a sink — but I’m not going to. I have this…thing…about doing dishes and almost refuse to do them by hand.Â

The apartment complex manager assures me that the dishwasher will be installed by the time I come home from work tomorrow.

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Prepay Pumps

The sudden conversion of all gas pumps to credit only or prepay is becoming a problem. For me, anyway. Why should I be penalized by having to walk through the rain or whatever weather we’re having to hand a cashier money, go back and fill up my car, then go back to get my change if I overestimate the amount of gas needed, then go back to my car, just because I choose not to increase the amount of credit card debt I have?

(I apologize for the painfully long sentence, but I couldn’t find a way to break it and still make sense.)

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14 June 2006 — Wednesday thoughts and musings

Very tired. Work is becoming more and more insane. This is going to continue for at least another month. Maybe longer.

The person in my group who is leaving has now developed the attitude of “What are they going to do, fire me?” and is no longer bothering to actually do any work. Add to that the person on indefinite medical leave, and the one who has had a new responsibility added to his job description and no longer does anything else and you have the hell in which I am now spending several hours a day.Â

Work on the ADF Clergy Training Program has hit a sticky point. No real problem, just one of the essays is driving me to fits. It’s nothing that I won’t get through. I think my brain is just too fried at the moment to journey down new and unexplored avenues. This will pass. I may just set it aside for a day or two and try to look at it with fresh eyes.

I think I’m allowing myself to get too frustrated by things going on in my life. Unfortunately, I’m the sort of person who has to solve a problem rather than just letting it go. I would try to figure out a way around that, but if I couldn’t, it would just frustrate me even more.

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Angry beyond the power of words to express

There are very few events, situations, or people who make me so angry I have to fight myself for control of what I do. Last night presented such a situation.

I belong to a very good writers’ group. The people in this group have all been published, with two exceptions. One of those exceptions is very new to writing; the other is the problem of which I speak.

This person seems to have the opinion that since he is older than the rest of the group he knows more than we do. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. That’s annoying enough.

Then he went too far. He has begun to insult and denigrate one of the women in the group because she hasn’t been writing lately. He knows that she’s having some serious health issues, but doesn’t seem to think that matters. He has absolutely no concern nor even simple compassion for anyone!

Okay…the person he has insulted and hurt is a friend of mine, so that doesn’t make my feelings on the matter any easier to handle.

But come on! If someone is dealing with a potentially life-threatening health problem, how crass, crude, stupid, and utterly soul-less do you have to be to stoop to insulting that person for not writing!?

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Work headaches

Today is Monday, the busiest day of the week for my group here at work. We have a huge volume of orders on Monday; these orders come to us via email and must be printed out and manually entered into the system.

Over the weekend the servers for our company were moved. And now, for some reason known only to the gods of pain and agony, we are unable to print. No printers are connected to the network at this point.Â

The support line says they cannot see why this is a problem as we should be able to print by the end of the day.Â


“By the end of the day” does no good on orders that have to be entered before noon!

And thus you see the eternal joy that is my job.Â


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Today’s meeting

We had a grove discussion meeting. It was rather interesting. We only had a few people show up, but that included my friend David, who only recently joined ADF and our grove. He had some questions about our ritual structure and why we do what we do in the way we do it.

The questions were easy to answer, but they got me to thinking. I’ve been doing these rituals for so long that the structure is pretty much second nature for me. It was good to discuss the reasoning and polytheology behind the concepts and to renew my own understanding of it.Â

I definitely enjoy this sort of thing.

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It’s Saturday, one of the few days of the week when I can sleep in. And yet I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s not that I’m not sleepy — I certainly am. I think i’ve been getting up early to go in to work for so long now that my body now thinks that’s the time it’s supposed to return to consciousness.

This is NOT going to do!Â


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