Today’s meeting

We had a grove dis­cus­sion meeting. It was rather interesting. We only had a few peo­ple show up, but that includ­ed my friend David, who only recent­ly joined ADF and our grove. He had some ques­tions about our rit­u­al struc­ture and why we do what we do in the way we do it.

The ques­tions were easy to answer, but they got me to thinking. I’ve been doing these rit­u­als for so long that the struc­ture is pret­ty much sec­ond nature for me. It was good to dis­cuss the rea­son­ing and poly­the­ol­o­gy behind the con­cepts and to renew my own under­stand­ing of it.Â

I def­i­nite­ly enjoy this sort of thing.

Posted on June 11th 2006 by James

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