Angry beyond the power of words to express

There are very few events, sit­u­a­tions, or peo­ple who make me so angry I have to fight myself for con­trol of what I do. Last night pre­sent­ed such a sit­u­a­tion.

I belong to a very good writ­ers’ group. The peo­ple in this group have all been pub­lished, with two excep­tions. One of those excep­tions is very new to writ­ing; the oth­er is the prob­lem of which I speak.

This per­son seems to have the opin­ion that since he is old­er than the rest of the group he knows more than we do. It doesn’t mat­ter what the sub­ject is. That’s annoy­ing enough.

Then he went too far. He has begun to insult and den­i­grate one of the women in the group because she hasn’t been writ­ing late­ly. He knows that she’s hav­ing some seri­ous health issues, but doesn’t seem to think that mat­ters. He has absolute­ly no con­cern nor even sim­ple com­pas­sion for any­one!

Okay…the per­son he has insult­ed and hurt is a friend of mine, so that doesn’t make my feel­ings on the mat­ter any eas­i­er to han­dle.

But come on! If some­one is deal­ing with a poten­tial­ly life-threat­en­ing health prob­lem, how crass, crude, stu­pid, and utter­ly soul-less do you have to be to stoop to insult­ing that per­son for not writ­ing!?

Posted on June 13th 2006 by James

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  1. Cyn responded on 13 Jun 2006 at 8:42 pm #

    Is there a method in place to boot ass­holes like this guy?

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