Prepay Pumps

The sud­den con­ver­sion of all gas pumps to cred­it only or pre­pay is becom­ing a prob­lem. For me, any­way. Why should I be penal­ized by hav­ing to walk through the rain or what­ev­er weath­er we’re hav­ing to hand a cashier mon­ey, go back and fill up my car, then go back to get my change if I over­es­ti­mate the amount of gas need­ed, then go back to my car, just because I choose not to increase the amount of cred­it card debt I have?

(I apol­o­gize for the painful­ly long sen­tence, but I couldn’t find a way to break it and still make sense.)

Posted on June 15th 2006 by James

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