20 June 2006

Sunday I was doing some housework — been far too long, my apartment was a mess — and I opened the utility closet to get the vacuum. I was immediately mugged and assaulted by a horrid stench. Then I saw dark mildew climbing the walls of the closet. I noticed that the carpet was very much the wrong color, as well.

I reached down and touched the carpet, to find it was soaking wet. So very, very not good.

Maintenance came out almost immediately and looked at it. (They’re good about that and will come to an emergency even on the weekend.) The pipes from my dishwasher have burst and have been flowing into the closet.

Yesterday they found that it was not the pipes, it was the dishwasher itself. The leak was in the body of the machine. The decision was made to get me a new dishwasher.

Today I came home, expecting that the new dishwasher would be installed. Well, it was in the apartment, at least. It’s sitting in a very large box in the middle of my living room. Yeah…that’s right. There is a crated dishwasher sitting in my living room. If there was no time to install it today, I can understand that, but putting it in the living room was a bit unexpected.Â

So…there is little in the way of dishwashing tonight. Which limits the amount of cooking I’m doing at dinnertime (which should be any minute ago, actually). Yes, I could wash dishes by hand — I do have a sink — but I’m not going to. I have this…thing…about doing dishes and almost refuse to do them by hand.Â

The apartment complex manager assures me that the dishwasher will be installed by the time I come home from work tomorrow.

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