20 June 2006

Sun­day I was doing some house­work — been far too long, my apart­ment was a mess — and I opened the util­i­ty clos­et to get the vacuum. I was imme­di­ate­ly mugged and assault­ed by a hor­rid stench. Then I saw dark mildew climb­ing the walls of the closet. I noticed that the car­pet was very much the wrong col­or, as well.

I reached down and touched the car­pet, to find it was soak­ing wet. So very, very not good.

Main­te­nance came out almost imme­di­ate­ly and looked at it. (They’re good about that and will come to an emer­gency even on the weekend.) The pipes from my dish­wash­er have burst and have been flow­ing into the clos­et.

Yes­ter­day they found that it was not the pipes, it was the dish­wash­er itself. The leak was in the body of the machine. The deci­sion was made to get me a new dish­wash­er.

Today I came home, expect­ing that the new dish­wash­er would be installed. Well, it was in the apart­ment, at least. It’s sit­ting in a very large box in the mid­dle of my liv­ing room. Yeah…that’s right. There is a crat­ed dish­wash­er sit­ting in my liv­ing room. If there was no time to install it today, I can under­stand that, but putting it in the liv­ing room was a bit unexpected.Â

So…there is lit­tle in the way of dish­wash­ing tonight. Which lim­its the amount of cook­ing I’m doing at din­ner­time (which should be any minute ago, actually). Yes, I could wash dish­es by hand — I do have a sink — but I’m not going to. I have this…thing…about doing dish­es and almost refuse to do them by hand.Â

The apart­ment com­plex man­ag­er assures me that the dish­wash­er will be installed by the time I come home from work tomor­row.

Posted on June 20th 2006 by James

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