Hiatus over, I hope.

I’m final­ly get­ting a chance to post again. The last few days have been absolute­ly insane. Work has been killing me, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, I have rea­son to believe that said light is actu­al­ly an oncom­ing train.

My Grove held our Sum­mer Sol­stice rit­u­al on Sat­ur­day, 24 June 2006. It was quite good. This was the largest group we’ve ever had in atten­dance, most­ly because David and Chad decid­ed to invite every­one they’ve ever met. The rit­u­al was very good, even if we did get a few sprin­kles of rain dur­ing it. The only dif­fi­cult part was that we had to say good-bye to Heather, as this was her last rit­u­al with us. She and her part­ner have found jobs in their cho­sen fields, but unfor­tu­nate­ly those jobs are in a dif­fer­ent state. She was one of the found­ing mem­bers and has been my Chief Litur­gist since we became a Grove rather than a Pro­toGrove and I became Senior Druid. (That’s still a fright­en­ing and sober­ing thought!)

Posted on June 28th 2006 by James

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