Study, scholarship…and religion

Through­out my school career, I always loved to read books and dig through them for information. Pos­ing a ques­tion and look­ing through every source I could find was a pow­er­ful pas­sion of mine and I enjoyed in ways that are hard to explain.

Some­where along the way, I stopped doing that. I don’t know why. I would still read for plea­sure and to study, but that sort of research seemed to become less impor­tant.

Now I’m back to it. Thanks to my work on the ADF Cler­gy Train­ing Pro­gram I’m redis­cov­er­ing my love of research and in-depth study. I’m work­ing my way through a book called HEAVEN, HEROES, AND HAPPINESS which deals with com­mon traits between Indo-Euro­pean cul­tures as per­tain­ing to social struc­ture, gov­ern­ment, mythol­o­gy, reli­gion, trade with oth­er nations, craft­work, lan­guage, and bur­ial customs. (There are oth­er mat­ters involved, but those are some of the most cru­cial.)

The cur­rent ques­tion fac­ing me in the Study Pro­gram is the def­i­n­i­tion of what makes/made a cul­ture Indo-Euro­pean and how those fac­tors shaped the way the peo­ple of that cul­ture view them­selves and the world.

It is so good to return to this passion. And even bet­ter to learn that it is even stronger than it used to be.Â

Posted on June 28th 2006 by James

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