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Why am I here?

What is my pur­pose?

No, these are not the impon­der­able ques­tions of life (not this time, at any rate). These are the ques­tions I’m ask­ing myself about my job today. We have no inter­nal com­put­er sys­tem and can­not actu­al­ly do any work. So we’re sit­ting here and tak­ing phone calls in which we tell peo­ple that our sys­tem is unavail­able and we can­not help them at the moment.

And, even though we knew today was going to be like this, we were still told that we couldn’t take vaca­tion days, because we all had to be here as our com­pa­ny merged with anoth­er one and then spun off into a new cor­po­ra­tion.


One hour, fifty min­utes to go.

One hour, forty-nine min­utes to go.

Not that I’m count­ing or any­thing……

Posted on July 17th 2006 by James

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New Favorite

I just cre­at­ed what is going to be one of my new favorite foods. I found some very inex­pen­sive salmon steaks at Kroger and threw one of them on my in-home grill (the George Fore­man type grill) and put some Liq­uid Smoke on it and topped it off with a gen­er­ous serv­ing of lemon pepper. I grilled it until it was just done, nice and flakey.

Oh my great culi­nary gods!

Posted on July 11th 2006 by James

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Tomorrow is a holiday

Tomor­row is the fourth of July. I have the day off work. I think my only plans are to sleep until the fifth of July.

Posted on July 3rd 2006 by James

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Clergy activity

Today I expe­ri­enced a first. I’m Senior Druid for my ADF Grove and that tech­ni­cal­ly makes me the lead clergyperson. This usu­al­ly involves noth­ing more com­pli­cat­ed than mak­ing sure all arrange­ments for rit­u­als and dis­cus­sions are made and mak­ing sure that every­one who attends any of our events knows what’s going on.

Today I had one of my Grove mem­bers call me seek­ing advice on a mat­ter per­tain­ing to his spir­i­tu­al life. Well…that, while a bit of a sur­prise, is part of the “job” and a duty I owe to the mem­bers of the Grove.Â

Actu­al­ly, I think the dis­cus­sion with the Grove mem­ber went rather well. I’m very hap­py about this devel­op­ment, even if I was a bit blind­sided by it orig­i­nal­ly.

Posted on July 2nd 2006 by James

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