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Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

No, these are not the imponderable questions of life (not this time, at any rate). These are the questions I’m asking myself about my job today. We have no internal computer system and cannot actually do any work. So we’re sitting here and taking phone calls in which we tell people that our system is unavailable and we cannot help them at the moment.

And, even though we knew today was going to be like this, we were still told that we couldn’t take vacation days, because we all had to be here as our company merged with another one and then spun off into a new corporation.


One hour, fifty minutes to go.

One hour, forty-nine minutes to go.

Not that I’m counting or anything……

Posted on July 17th 2006 by James

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New Favorite

I just created what is going to be one of my new favorite foods. I found some very inexpensive salmon steaks at Kroger and threw one of them on my in-home grill (the George Foreman type grill) and put some Liquid Smoke on it and topped it off with a generous serving of lemon pepper. I grilled it until it was just done, nice and flakey.

Oh my great culinary gods!

Posted on July 11th 2006 by James

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Tomorrow is a holiday

Tomorrow is the fourth of July. I have the day off work. I think my only plans are to sleep until the fifth of July.

Posted on July 3rd 2006 by James

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Clergy activity

Today I experienced a first. I’m Senior Druid for my ADF Grove and that technically makes me the lead clergyperson. This usually involves nothing more complicated than making sure all arrangements for rituals and discussions are made and making sure that everyone who attends any of our events knows what’s going on.

Today I had one of my Grove members call me seeking advice on a matter pertaining to his spiritual life. Well…that, while a bit of a surprise, is part of the “job” and a duty I owe to the members of the Grove.Â

Actually, I think the discussion with the Grove member went rather well. I’m very happy about this development, even if I was a bit blindsided by it originally.

Posted on July 2nd 2006 by James

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