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Trying to post a fiction piece — Prologue and Chapter 1


With a sigh, Dar­ren leaned against the cold white wall and watched peo­ple wan­der slow­ly into the amphithe­atre. They would run if they knew what this is about, he thought. And when they do know, a few of them may run the oth­er direc­tion. He chuck­led silent­ly and threw a glance at the blond-haired man sit­ting in the first row of seats. He winked and threw a quick smile at his part­ner, Aron, who returned the expres­sion with a casu­al salute.

A large group of peo­ple entered the room, talk­ing ani­mat­ed­ly. A few of them went to the podi­um and spoke to Dar­ren, mak­ing quick, per­func­to­ry greet­ings to his hus­band. Dar­ren spoke with enthu­si­asm, ges­tur­ing to data on a com­put­er screen on the podi­um. One of the women laughed aloud, cov­er­ing her mouth as she blushed and cast her eyes down­ward. Dar­ren ran his left hand through his wavy dark hair and gri­maced. He cast anoth­er look at Aron and winked.
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