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No good news goes undestroyed

I had started feeling good about the medical situation.  My mistake.

A follow-up visit yesterday ended with my being scheduled for a prostate biopsy. 

Back to “terrified-mode”. 

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Some test results

My doctor called me late yesterday.  The results of the bone scan and MRI are in.

Nothing negative was found.  They found something “odd” on the bone scan but nothing that could possibly have any dangerous properties.  And a blood vessel lesion was found on my liver.  This is apparently something rather common, and is nothing to worry about.

The next major set of tests is in a couple of weeks.  That one is surgical in nature and should be the final determinant in this whole thing.

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Testing today

The time is 7:27am.  In an hour I will leave my home to go to the Radiology clinic to begin the tests for today. 

At 10:00 (roughly, after all the paperwork is done) I will be given an injection of a radioactive isotope of calcium.

I then spend two hours waiting.  I’m taking a good book!

At noon I have an MRI.  This is the part I’m dreading. 

Whenever the MRI is done — no exact time-span has been given — I will be taken to another room to have a bone-scan done.  This is the reason for the radioactive injection earlier. 

That’s pretty much my entire day.

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My next set of tests are scheduled for Friday, 17 April; I mentioned this in an earlier post.

I am terrified.

The MRI is bad enough, what with me being a bit claustrophobic and uncomfortably sensitive to magnetic fields. Not a fun thing to go through.

The bone scan is an unknown quantity for me, although I have been told that it is very unpleasant and rather arduous to go through.

The appointment nurse told me that they normally don’t like to do these tests on the same day, because the patient (that would be me) is usually “completely beaten” when all is done. Yeah…that should be fun. <g>

But I’m mostly afraid of what may be found. My doctor keeps telling me that the chances of this being anything serious are very slim. However, he was honest enough to say that it could be cancer. He then said “don’t worry about it” but that was useless to say. After the word “cancer” nothing he said really registered emotionally.

Yes, I admit that I am worried that I may have some form of cancer. I’m not so much worried about dying, because if there is anything it’s early enough that everything can be treated and taken care of. And that’s actually part of the problem: I’ve seen people go through cancer treatment and I know some small part of what’s involved in it. One friend of mine is a cancer survivor – the doctors told her that she was unlikely to survive, but she did – and she has said that if they ever find cancer in her again she’ll let it kill her rather than go through the treatment again.

I don’t want to go through that. I know I’m a strong person, but I don’t know if I have the strength to put myself through something like that.

Of course, I realize I’m getting ahead of myself and am worrying about something that may never happen.

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Upcoming Tests

My testing schedule is confirmed for Friday.  I go to the clinic at 10:00am for an injection of a radioactive isotope that has to be in my system for a few hours before the actual test.  At noon I have an MRI — not going to be fun as I’m not comfortable in that tiny little coffin-like environment.  Then, after the MRI I am to have a bone scan — that’s the reason for getting the injection.

With any luck, these will be definitive enough to determine what, if anything, is going on inside my body.

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Medical Issues

I am going through a lot of medical tests lately.  And, in keeping with the “James, you’re a freak” context of my life in general, these tests keep giving contradictory – even mutually exclusive! – results. 

At my last physical there were some oddities discovered, so my doctor started me on these other tests.  He says there is likely nothing to worry about, but we need to have everything checked out. 

There is a chance that I may have the same cancer that killed my father.  I was exposed to the chemical that caused his cancer and I have already had some problems because of it.  The difference here is that unlike my father, I am refusing to be defeated by something as insulting as cells of my body deciding to grow out of control.  If that’s what I have, then it’s going to have to go.  I don’t have time for it. 

Of course, there’s a chance that the oddities are something entirely different.  Given my “freak-factor” it’s actually a fairly good chance.  My doctor is still puzzled by the fact that I have 2 extra vertebrae, so I don’t think anything else will surprise him very much.

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Trying to do this.

Well, I’m back.  I am trying to start using this blogsite more often than I have been.  There’s a lot going on in my life and this is going to become – I hope! – the place where I vent about it all and speak my mind about things.


Maybe other people will read it, maybe not.  If you do read it, please feel free to comment. 

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