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Probably not a good thing

I think I am sliding into what promises/threatens to be a very deep depression.  I can feel it coming and I really don’t know if I have the energy to fight against it.

Posted on November 30th 2008 by James

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As I sit here in my office, I can hear a few of my coworkers whining and bemoaning the fact that Obama won the election.  They are actually stating that the United States is going to be destroyed now that we have a Democrat as president.  They seem to forget that only one president ago, we had a Democrat in the White House.

And, of course, there are some who are terrified of the fact that the new president-elect has more pigment in his skin than they do.

Posted on November 5th 2008 by James

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Samhain is over for another year

Last night the grove had our Samhain observance.  The ritual went very, very well and we had twelve people attending.  Not a large group really, but not a bad number.  Four of the people there were new, and I think they’ll be back; they seemed to enjoy the ritual quite a bit.

Posted on November 2nd 2008 by James

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