James is a mar­velous fel­low, and cur­rent­ly at my mer­cy, as he didn’t know this page was here to be filled out. I’m tak­ing full advan­tage of fam­i­ly priv­i­lege (we’re cousins) and the fact that I’m his web­mas­ter to do so. (I don’t know how long it’ll last, though.)

He’s cute, intel­li­gent, respon­si­ble, car­ing, and healthy. He does have a regret­table ten­den­cy to pun­ning, but he more than makes up for that with gourmet cook­ing skills. Not only is he a writer and a won­der­ful role­play­er, he makes these mar­velous can­dles that burn for­ev­er and are scent­ed with essen­tial oils that he makes him­self! He’s one of the most self-dis­ci­plined peo­ple I know, too. I always feel ter­ri­bly guilty lis­ten­ing to him talk about his work­out sched­ule. And how often do you run into a man with a rich spir­i­tu­al life who isn’t a reli­gious nut? (I real­ly need a good pho­to to put in here, but he’s cam­era shy.)

The only “fault” I can think of is that the man is always busy, busy, busy! His employ­er depends on him heav­i­ly, and he’s got plans some­where just about every night of the week. I’m sure he could find time to fit the right guy into his life, though 🙂

I have absolute­ly no idea why James is still sin­gle, but it’s a crime. All you fine, upstand­ing gen­tle­men who deserve a man like this in your lives — where the heck are you?

Come on — com­ment. Talk to the man. He’s intense, yes, (he is a Scor­pio, after all) but he real­ly doesn’t bite with­out rea­son.

Cyn (The Wicked Web­mistress)

Posted on May 24th 2006 by cyn

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