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Trying to post a fiction piece – Prologue and Chapter 1


With a sigh, Darren leaned against the cold white wall and watched people wander slowly into the amphitheatre. They would run if they knew what this is about, he thought. And when they do know, a few of them may run the other direction. He chuckled silently and threw a glance at the blond-haired man sitting in the first row of seats. He winked and threw a quick smile at his partner, Aron, who returned the expression with a casual salute.

A large group of people entered the room, talking animatedly. A few of them went to the podium and spoke to Darren, making quick, perfunctory greetings to his husband. Darren spoke with enthusiasm, gesturing to data on a computer screen on the podium. One of the women laughed aloud, covering her mouth as she blushed and cast her eyes downward. Darren ran his left hand through his wavy dark hair and grimaced. He cast another look at Aron and winked.
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Posted on October 10th 2006 by James

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Angry beyond the power of words to express

There are very few events, situations, or people who make me so angry I have to fight myself for control of what I do. Last night presented such a situation.

I belong to a very good writers’ group. The people in this group have all been published, with two exceptions. One of those exceptions is very new to writing; the other is the problem of which I speak.

This person seems to have the opinion that since he is older than the rest of the group he knows more than we do. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. That’s annoying enough.

Then he went too far. He has begun to insult and denigrate one of the women in the group because she hasn’t been writing lately. He knows that she’s having some serious health issues, but doesn’t seem to think that matters. He has absolutely no concern nor even simple compassion for anyone!

Okay…the person he has insulted and hurt is a friend of mine, so that doesn’t make my feelings on the matter any easier to handle.

But come on! If someone is dealing with a potentially life-threatening health problem, how crass, crude, stupid, and utterly soul-less do you have to be to stoop to insulting that person for not writing!?

Posted on June 13th 2006 by James

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Nice compliment

One of the fiction pieces I’m working on is a modern urban fantasy murder mystery. A coworker recently asked to read some of my work so I let her read the prologue to that story.

She just came to my desk begging for more of the story. If only I had more than the prologue and the first chapter ready for public consumption.

I’m putting that prologue on here for anyone who might want to read it.

Posted on June 9th 2006 by James

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