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Today’s test

Well, today I had my prostate biop­sy.  It was one of the worst expe­ri­ences I have ever had.  The after­math is even worse, as it has con­tin­ued to become more and more painful as the day has worn on.

Also, I got the results of last week’s colonoscopy and they were ambigu­ous enough to war­rant anoth­er series of tests.  I am not hap­py about this. 

Posted on September 18th 2007 by James

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One more down

Well, I had the sur­gi­cal colonoscopy today.  I bare­ly remem­ber any of the pro­ce­dure.  The drugs I was giv­en were to put me into a twi­light sleep, and they appar­ent­ly worked rather well.  I remem­ber being wheeled into the oper­at­ing room and giv­en the drugs.  I remem­ber a few iso­lat­ed flash­es of the pro­ce­dure but noth­ing more.

I was for­tu­nate to have a very good friend who drove me to and from and took care of me while I was too woozy from the drugs to func­tion prop­er­ly. 

Posted on September 11th 2007 by James

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Test tomorrow

Tomor­row I have a sur­gi­cal colonoscopy.  This should be the next to last test I have to have for all this mess.  Next week I have a biop­sy.

I am not doing ter­ri­bly well fac­ing this event tomor­row.  But I’ll get through it.  It’s not as if I have a choice in that.

Posted on September 10th 2007 by James

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No good news goes undestroyed

I had start­ed feel­ing good about the med­ical sit­u­a­tion.  My mis­take.

A fol­low-up vis­it yes­ter­day end­ed with my being sched­uled for a prostate biop­sy. 

Back to “ter­ri­fied-mode”. 

Posted on August 24th 2007 by James

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Some test results

My doc­tor called me late yes­ter­day.  The results of the bone scan and MRI are in.

Noth­ing neg­a­tive was found.  They found some­thing “odd” on the bone scan but noth­ing that could pos­si­bly have any dan­ger­ous prop­er­ties.  And a blood ves­sel lesion was found on my liv­er.  This is appar­ent­ly some­thing rather com­mon, and is noth­ing to wor­ry about.

The next major set of tests is in a cou­ple of weeks.  That one is sur­gi­cal in nature and should be the final deter­mi­nant in this whole thing.

Posted on August 21st 2007 by James

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Testing today

The time is 7:27am.  In an hour I will leave my home to go to the Radi­ol­o­gy clin­ic to begin the tests for today. 

At 10:00 (rough­ly, after all the paper­work is done) I will be giv­en an injec­tion of a radioac­tive iso­tope of cal­ci­um.

I then spend two hours wait­ing.  I’m tak­ing a good book!

At noon I have an MRI.  This is the part I’m dread­ing. 

When­ev­er the MRI is done — no exact time-span has been giv­en — I will be tak­en to anoth­er room to have a bone-scan done.  This is the rea­son for the radioac­tive injec­tion ear­li­er. 

That’s pret­ty much my entire day.

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My next set of tests are sched­uled for Fri­day, 17 April; I men­tioned this in an ear­li­er post.

I am ter­ri­fied.

The MRI is bad enough, what with me being a bit claus­tro­pho­bic and uncom­fort­ably sen­si­tive to mag­net­ic fields. Not a fun thing to go through.

The bone scan is an unknown quan­ti­ty for me, although I have been told that it is very unpleas­ant and rather ardu­ous to go through.

The appoint­ment nurse told me that they nor­mal­ly don’t like to do these tests on the same day, because the patient (that would be me) is usu­al­ly “com­plete­ly beat­en” when all is done. Yeah…that should be fun. <g>

But I’m most­ly afraid of what may be found. My doc­tor keeps telling me that the chances of this being any­thing seri­ous are very slim. How­ev­er, he was hon­est enough to say that it could be can­cer. He then said “don’t wor­ry about it” but that was use­less to say. After the word “can­cer” noth­ing he said real­ly reg­is­tered emo­tion­al­ly.

Yes, I admit that I am wor­ried that I may have some form of can­cer. I’m not so much wor­ried about dying, because if there is any­thing it’s ear­ly enough that every­thing can be treat­ed and tak­en care of. And that’s actu­al­ly part of the prob­lem: I’ve seen peo­ple go through can­cer treat­ment and I know some small part of what’s involved in it. One friend of mine is a can­cer sur­vivor – the doc­tors told her that she was unlike­ly to sur­vive, but she did – and she has said that if they ever find can­cer in her again she’ll let it kill her rather than go through the treat­ment again.

I don’t want to go through that. I know I’m a strong per­son, but I don’t know if I have the strength to put myself through some­thing like that.

Of course, I real­ize I’m get­ting ahead of myself and am wor­ry­ing about some­thing that may nev­er hap­pen.

Posted on August 15th 2007 by James

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Upcoming Tests

My test­ing sched­ule is con­firmed for Fri­day.  I go to the clin­ic at 10:00am for an injec­tion of a radioac­tive iso­tope that has to be in my sys­tem for a few hours before the actu­al test.  At noon I have an MRI — not going to be fun as I’m not com­fort­able in that tiny lit­tle cof­fin-like envi­ron­ment.  Then, after the MRI I am to have a bone scan — that’s the rea­son for get­ting the injec­tion.

With any luck, these will be defin­i­tive enough to deter­mine what, if any­thing, is going on inside my body.

Posted on August 15th 2007 by James

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Medical Issues

I am going through a lot of med­ical tests late­ly.  And, in keep­ing with the “James, you’re a freak” con­text of my life in gen­er­al, these tests keep giv­ing con­tra­dic­to­ry – even mutu­al­ly exclu­sive! – results. 

At my last phys­i­cal there were some odd­i­ties dis­cov­ered, so my doc­tor start­ed me on these oth­er tests.  He says there is like­ly noth­ing to wor­ry about, but we need to have every­thing checked out. 

There is a chance that I may have the same can­cer that killed my father.  I was exposed to the chem­i­cal that caused his can­cer and I have already had some prob­lems because of it.  The dif­fer­ence here is that unlike my father, I am refus­ing to be defeat­ed by some­thing as insult­ing as cells of my body decid­ing to grow out of con­trol.  If that’s what I have, then it’s going to have to go.  I don’t have time for it. 

Of course, there’s a chance that the odd­i­ties are some­thing entire­ly dif­fer­ent.  Giv­en my “freak-fac­tor” it’s actu­al­ly a fair­ly good chance.  My doc­tor is still puz­zled by the fact that I have 2 extra ver­te­brae, so I don’t think any­thing else will sur­prise him very much.

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Trying to do this.

Well, I’m back.  I am try­ing to start using this blogsite more often than I have been.  There’s a lot going on in my life and this is going to become – I hope! – the place where I vent about it all and speak my mind about things.


Maybe oth­er peo­ple will read it, maybe not.  If you do read it, please feel free to com­ment. 

Posted on August 14th 2007 by James

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