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I have most my freakin’ mind!

As if I’m not doing enough, how exactly did I let myself fall into a project of working on a grimoire-style collection of Druidic magics?

Posted on October 8th 2008 by James

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More clergy stuff

I’ve had a new development in my role as clergy for the grove. Two member of the grove (three if you count their young child) are moving into a new home. They have asked me, as their Senior Druid, to do a blessing on the new home for them.

This is wonderful. I love this sort of thing!Â

Posted on August 27th 2006 by James

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People get to me sometimes!

I had an interesting little experience yesterday that has made me think about some things.

My supervisor is on vacation this week, but yesterday he sent the department an email telling us a couple of things he needed us to know. Then, as a P.S. to his message, he added that his son had been baptized into their church on Sunday. I wrote him an email congratulating him on that.

One of my coworkers saw the email I was sending and asked me “How can you congratulate him? You’re a Pagan, you don’t approve of that sort of thing!” I tried to explain that the congratulations have nothing to do with my beliefs, but with those of the person I’m congratulating. He couldn’t understand it.

Suddenly I’m inundated by people in the department wanting to know why I am doing something that they see as demeaning to Christianity. (Yes, the one who saw the message decided to talk to everyone about it.) I don’t understand the reasoning, but several people insisted that my “congratulations” was nothing but sarcasm and I was intending an insult to the practice and the specific event by saying that.

No, I was intending to congratulate my supervisor and his family on the event. You see…I actually like my supervisor and I know something like this means a lot to him and I was happy for him and his family that something so important to them had happened.

I may be the office Pagan – yes, I am now the only open Pagan in this entire company! – but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any respect for other people’s religion. In fact, seeing how many people react to the beliefs of others, I think I probably have more respect for the beliefs of others than pretty much anyone else in the place!

Posted on August 1st 2006 by James

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Clergy activity

Today I experienced a first. I’m Senior Druid for my ADF Grove and that technically makes me the lead clergyperson. This usually involves nothing more complicated than making sure all arrangements for rituals and discussions are made and making sure that everyone who attends any of our events knows what’s going on.

Today I had one of my Grove members call me seeking advice on a matter pertaining to his spiritual life. Well…that, while a bit of a surprise, is part of the “job” and a duty I owe to the members of the Grove.Â

Actually, I think the discussion with the Grove member went rather well. I’m very happy about this development, even if I was a bit blindsided by it originally.

Posted on July 2nd 2006 by James

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Study, scholarship…and religion

Throughout my school career, I always loved to read books and dig through them for information. Posing a question and looking through every source I could find was a powerful passion of mine and I enjoyed in ways that are hard to explain.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped doing that. I don’t know why. I would still read for pleasure and to study, but that sort of research seemed to become less important.

Now I’m back to it. Thanks to my work on the ADF Clergy Training Program I’m rediscovering my love of research and in-depth study. I’m working my way through a book called HEAVEN, HEROES, AND HAPPINESS which deals with common traits between Indo-European cultures as pertaining to social structure, government, mythology, religion, trade with other nations, craftwork, language, and burial customs. (There are other matters involved, but those are some of the most crucial.)

The current question facing me in the Study Program is the definition of what makes/made a culture Indo-European and how those factors shaped the way the people of that culture view themselves and the world.

It is so good to return to this passion. And even better to learn that it is even stronger than it used to be.Â

Posted on June 28th 2006 by James

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Hiatus over, I hope.

I’m finally getting a chance to post again. The last few days have been absolutely insane. Work has been killing me, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, I have reason to believe that said light is actually an oncoming train.

My Grove held our Summer Solstice ritual on Saturday, 24 June 2006. It was quite good. This was the largest group we’ve ever had in attendance, mostly because David and Chad decided to invite everyone they’ve ever met. The ritual was very good, even if we did get a few sprinkles of rain during it. The only difficult part was that we had to say good-bye to Heather, as this was her last ritual with us. She and her partner have found jobs in their chosen fields, but unfortunately those jobs are in a different state. She was one of the founding members and has been my Chief Liturgist since we became a Grove rather than a ProtoGrove and I became Senior Druid. (That’s still a frightening and sobering thought!)

Posted on June 28th 2006 by James

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Today is Summer Solstice. I will be doing my own observance at home after work and celebrating with the Grove on Saturday.

So…brightest of blessings to any who celebrate this day.

Posted on June 21st 2006 by James

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Today’s meeting

We had a grove discussion meeting. It was rather interesting. We only had a few people show up, but that included my friend David, who only recently joined ADF and our grove. He had some questions about our ritual structure and why we do what we do in the way we do it.

The questions were easy to answer, but they got me to thinking. I’ve been doing these rituals for so long that the structure is pretty much second nature for me. It was good to discuss the reasoning and polytheology behind the concepts and to renew my own understanding of it.Â

I definitely enjoy this sort of thing.

Posted on June 11th 2006 by James

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